Peppermint (inki) wrote,

Sun June 28: Bi and Poly groups in SF Pride Parade!

Where: Beale St near Howard (final location TBD)
When: 10:30am Sunday (budget extra time for transit)

This coming Sunday is the San Francisco Pride Parade, and we will once again have awesome bisexual and polyamory contingents, marching next to each other. Marching in the parade is a fun way to show your pride and increase bi and/or poly visibility. The parade contingent tends to attract a different group of people from the usual area events. Lining up and marching are surprisingly fun social times, and this is a good way to meet folks whom you might not otherwise run into. We welcome everyone so long as you are willing to march behind a bi banner or a poly banner.

The parade starts at Beale and Market and proceeds down Market to 8th St, about a 45 min walk. After the march, people break off into groups and head over to the Pride celebration area. We are thinking of having an afterparty for marchers as well, though the details are still up in the air.

This year the bisexual contingent will have a small float! We have drummers and are going with a flower/springtime theme, and we will have a pile of drummers on the float. We are looking for folks to dress up colorfully and dance on the float! If you would like to drum or dance, let us know.

The polyamory contingent has a pickup truck where people can ride, and which will be carrying speakers. People who may have trouble walking down Market St are welcome to contact me and reserve a spot on the truck.

If you want to show up early and help decorate the float or truck, we will be there starting at 9am.

It is possible to park in the area if you arrive early and are willing to walk back to your car afterwards - the area around 1st and Harrison is pretty good. If you take BART, budget some delay time in. If you take Muni, realize that a number of bus routes will be affected by the Market St shutdown that morning. I will announce the exact lineup location late this week.

Let us know if you have any questions! For last-minute questions or emergencies, my number is 415 305 8766.

Pepper and the Pride '09 team

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